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Barron's Investing in Education

Introducing Barron’s digital sitewide license for Boler College of Business

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Barron’s Investing in Education Program from Dow Jones which provides Boler College of Business students with complimentary 24/7 content from Barron’s. We are grateful to Kevin H. Myeroff of Sequoia Finanial Group for supporting our subscription.

The goal of this partnership is to spur financial education, learn from investing’s best minds and foster professional growth in our business college. You will have access to the same real-time content and magazine as well as perspective and analysis that is utilized by Barron’s subscribers. To learn more about Barron’s and the value it can provide, click here  

Boler students area encouraged to take advantage of our strategic relationship and become familiar with Barron's award winning content and columns such as: Up & Down Wall Street, Streetwise, Review & Preview, Follow-up, The Economy, Tech Trader, Funds & Income Investing. 

Boler students may register here:

Access to Barron’s digital content is available as soon as you register.  Students can also download the Barron’s app from your respective wireless provider’s app store for your cell phone and other devices.