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Course Scheduling

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Schedule Classes

For scheduling assistance, please contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at or 216-397-1970. 


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  • Schedule of classes
  • Identify the day and time of your classes
  • Where the class meets
  • How many students are enrolled in the class
  • Who is teaching the class.
Register for Classes

For registration assistance, please contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at or 216-397-1970. 


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  • Register for classes.
  • Run your own degree evaluation
  • Print out your semester schedule of classes
  • Other information about your status in the graduate program.
Graduate Studies Bulletin

The John Carroll University Graduate Studies Bulletin contains general information as well as Policies and Procedures relevant for graduate study as well as graduate level course descriptions.


Degree Requirements - Course Sequences

Each Graduate Business Program requires a specific set of courses in in order to graduate on-time. For specific curriculum questions or about your individual degree requirements, please contact the Graduate Business Programs Office at or 216-397-1970. You may find curriculum guides for each program on the Boler website at the links below. Please look for the section titled Curriculum.

MS in Accountancy 

Emerging Leader MBA

Professional MBA

Online MBA

MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

From time to time there will be changes in the schedule and changes in the curriculum. These changes may or may not affect you. You should always check with the Graduate Business Programs Office before each semester just to be sure you are planning for the correct sequence of courses.