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Boler Undergraduate Advising FAQ

This page includes answers to advising questions specific to the Boler College of Business that undergraduate students frequently ask, as well as links to the answers for general advising questions on the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Advising website or The Office of the Registrar.

Boler College of Business Advising Questions

What tutoring is available?

Boler tutoring schedules for the current semester may be found here.

Tutoring sessions are typically conducted in Bruening Hall (BR) 47 or in the Library Learning Commons.  Students who have specific questions regarding tutoroing for Boler majors should contact the individual departments.  The Accountancy Department is located on the ground floor of the Boler College, in BR 13.  The Economics and Finance Department is located on the second floor of the Boler College in SB 232. 

Can I take a course over the summer at another school?

You will need a course description from the school where you want to take the course and the Transient Petition form filled out, and by the appropriate department chairperson and your current Dean. When your course is complete transcripts should be sent to the Registrar at John Carroll University. Find forms here.

How do I declare a Business Minor, and what are the requirements of the minor?

Information about the Business Minor can be found on the Business Minor webpage.
A Business Minor can be declared any time prior to graduation by completing the online form.

The minor requires 32 credit hours from the following courses:

  • AC 201
  • AC 202
  • BI 100
  • EC 201
  • EC 202
  • EC 210
  • MHR 325 and MK 301
  • Pick one (1): BI 200, SCM 301, or SCM 328
  • Two (2) upper-division electives from one department, excluding MHR 499. FN 312 is suggested.

Additional Resources

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