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Studying Business

Becoming a Student in the Boler College of Business

All potential students seeking undergraduate admission to the University apply through the Office of Admission. Interested students may request admission directly to the Boler College of Business by so designating on the Common Application, or by denoting an intention to be admitted to Boler when registering for summer new student orientation.

Students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to apply to transfer to the Boler College must have an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher, and must complete AC 201, EC 201, and MT 130 with a minimum grade of C. If any of these courses are transferred into John Carroll from other institutions, then a minimum grade of C must be attained in at least 6 hours of course work in the Boler College of Business.

Interested students should complete the Declaration of Major through the Registrar’s website and submit it to their academic advisor. After reviewing credentials, the Boler College Dean’s Office will advise students whether they are (a) accepted, (b) deferred, or (c) conditionally accepted. Applications for transfer to Boler must be received by December 1 for consideration for spring enrollment, and by May 1 for consideration for fall enrollment. Please note that students not formally declared in Boler may not take more than 30 credit hours of Boler courses. Students should allow a minimum of six semesters (which could include a summer semester) to complete the requirements of the Boler core and major.


Application for Undergraduate Declaration of Major link:


If transferring out of the College of Arts and Sciences use this link to remove major:

Contact the Boler College of Business Dean’s office, AD 05, for more information at 216-397-4391.

Finding Your Advisor

Visit On the right side of the page, click on the Students drop-down. Select Student Profile from drop-down. Log in using your campus network. The advisor's name is listed on the Profile page to the right of the student picture. Click on the advisor's name for a pop up box with additional information about the advisor, including their email address. Right click on the email address to copy and paste into your email. 

If you wish to change your advisor, visit the office relevant to your status.

What do you want to do?

Boler offers 8 majors

The Business Core helps you discover your interests and determine the best major for you.

A business major accounts for approximately 50% of your total credit hours required to graduate from John Carroll – all the more reason to choose a topic you love.


Perhaps your major interests lie in the offerings of the College of Arts and Sciences, but you would like a foundation in business.  A business minor complements other fields of study and exemplifies an understanding of systems, markets, personal interaction, and analysis.