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Inspired Lives Campaign

Our community has embarked on a $20 million campaign to invigorate and galvanize the Boler School of Business as we prepare next generation leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The campaign, which marks the 20th anniversary of the original naming gift by John M. and Mary Jo Boler, seeks to put action and resources behind the Boler Strategic Plan, Boldly Inspired, and our desire to:

  • launch new academic programs
  • advance socially responsible management
  • forge stronger ties with the region’s changing economy and leaders
  • ensure a sustainable future for Northeast Ohio


We see a bright and challenging future ahead, one that will require significant investments if we are to sustain momentum and extend our reach. When you give to the Boler School of Business, you make it possible for students, faculty, alumni and partners to live inspired lives and to pursue business as a career, and as a calling.


There are countless ways to support the Boler mission, and we want each gift to reflect

your passions and philanthropic goals. From scholarships and research programs to centers of excellence and academic programs — we will help you to explore the investment that interest you most.

Thank you for sharing our belief in the power of Jesuit business education to prepare next-generation business leaders, creators and innovators.

Inspired Lives Campaign Priorities

By helping to fund these priorities, you gather great people and resources around the most pressing business challenges of our time. You enable future teachers and graduates to embrace complexity while growing more agile, dynamic, and more human and humane in our response.

Boler College of Business & School of Accountancy

We think an evolution to the Boler College of Business signals our plan to expand graduate programs and to develop new leading edge programs. Creating the College of Business will then promote each business department to a “School” status.

School Naming Gift

A significant School Naming Gift would fully endow the School of Accountancy (and others) and prime it for success with a new academic leader, programs and outreach.

Classroom Innovation

Upgrades to classrooms will include new technology, mobile classroom and theatre layouts to facilitate emerging interactive learning methods.

Classroom Innovation Fund Gifts

  • A gift of $2.5 million to fund a suite of classrooms.
  • Gifts of $500,000 to fund individual classrooms.
  • A gift of $1 million to fund a suite of theaters.
  • Gifts of $500,000 to fund individual theatres.
  • A gift of $750,000 to fund classroom and theater technology and furnishings.
Student Research

Funded undergraduate research will pair top students with experienced faculty for professional presentations and full-time faculty-mentored, full-time summer research.

Student Research Gifts

  • A gift of $1 MILLION fully endows a named student research program.
  • Gifts of $100,000 fund individual named endowed student research funds.
Capital Markets Lab

Transforming computing space into a state-of-the art Capital Markets Lab will build upon longstanding Finance strengths and galvanize teaching, learning and research around capital markets, and enhance student recruitment and retention.

  • A gift of $1.5 MILLION fully funds the Capital Markets Lab and ensures its future.

  • Gifts of $500,000 will renovate the existing space and deliver new technology and infrastructure to support an expanding Bloomberg Market Concept.

  • A gift of $1 MILLION endows the Bloomberg license expansion (3 terminals, 9 student researchers).

  • Gifts of $50,000 cover annual fees for each Bloomberg license and terminals.

Faculty Excellence

Recruiting and retaining great business school teacher/scholars requires graduate student stipends and research support. An endowment will ensure that at least 10 high-performing faculty enjoy salary and research support ($10,000 per, $100,000 annually).

  • A gift of $2 MILLION fully endows a named Faculty Excellence fund.

  • Gifts of $200,000 fund individual named endowed funds.


Stipends that match the considerable strategic and practical value delivered by senior Executive-in-Residence advisor/teachers will allow students to interact with top business professionals across all majors.

• Gifts of $250,000 (producing stipends of $10,000 annually) will endow individual named funds establishing Executive-in-Residence initiatives in Accountancy, Supply Chain, Leadership, Management, Human Resources, Economics, and Finance.