Fall 2022 Carl R. Tannenbaum
 Executive Vice President and Chief Economist Northern Trust
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Spring 2022 Loretta J. Mester
 President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
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Fall 2019 Loretta J. Mester
 President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
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Fall 2018 Michael Keresman, III
Founder and former Chairman, President and CEO of CardinalCommerce Corporation
Spring 2018 Jon Powers
President & Co-Founder of CleanCapital
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Fall 2017 Neil A. Schrimsher
President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Technologies 
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Spring 2017 Richard J. Kramer
Chairman, CEO, & President of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
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Fall 2016 Kevin M. McMullen
Chairman, CEO, & President of OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.
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Spring 2016 Joseph M. Gingo
Chairman of the Board of A. Schulman, Inc.
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Spring 2015 Michael F. Hilton
President and Chief Executive Officer of Nordson Corporation
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Fall 2014 Daniel B. Hurwitz
Chief Executive Officer, DDR Corp.
Spring 2014 Thomas M. O'Brien
Managing Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of TravelCenters of America
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Fall 2013 Gerald B. Blouch
President and Chief Executive Officer of Invacare Corporation
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Spring 2013 Marc A. Stefanski; Chairman, President, and CEO, Third Federal Savings and Loan View the Presentation
Fall 2012 John M. Stropki; Chairman, President, and CEO, Lincoln Electric  
Spring 2012 Beth Mooney, Chairman and CEO, KeyCorp View the Presentation
Fall 2011 Glenn M. Renwick, CEO, The Progressive Corporation View the Presentation
Spring 2011 Stephen Newlin, CEO, PolyOne Corporation View the Presentation
Fall 2010 Richard Hipple , CEO, Brush Engineered Materials Inc. (Materion) View the Presentation
Spring 2010 Richard Smucker, Co-CEO, Smucker Company  
Fall 2009 James F. Kirsch , CEO, Ferro Corporation View the Presentation
Spring 2009 Michael D. Siegal , CEO, Olympic Steel, Inc.  
Fall 2008 Anthony J. Alexander, CEO, FirstEnergy Corp.  
Spring 2008 Alan R. Spachman, Chairman, National
Interstate Corporation
Fall 2007 Thomas W. Swidarski, CEO, Diebold,
Spring 2007 James W. Griffith, CEO, Timken Co.  
Fall 2006 Robert J. Keegan, CEO, Goodyear Tire and
Rubber Company
Spring 2006 David A. Daberko, CEO, National City (PNC)  
Fall 2005 Chris Connor, CEO, Sherwin-Williams
Spring 2005 Les C. Vinney, CEO, STERIS Company  
Fall 2004 Thomas A. Dattilo, CEO, Cooper Tire & Rubber
Spring 2004 Zev Weiss, CEO, American Greetings
Fall 2003 Henry L. Meyer III , CEO, (Key Bank)  
Spring 2003 Charles A. Ratner, CEO, Forest City Enterprises, Inc.  
Fall 2002 Thomas A. Waltermire, CEO, PolyOne
Spring 2002 John R. Cochran, CEO, FirstMerit
Fall 2001 James P. Mooney , CEO, OM Group Inc.  
Spring 2001 Edward F. Crawford , CEO, Park-Ohio Industries  
Fall 2000 Michael J. Merriman , CEO, Royal Appliance Mfg.
Co. (Dirt Devil)
Spring 2000 John N. Lauer, CEO, Oglebay Norton Company  
Fall 1999 H. Peter Burg, CEO, FirstEnergy  
Spring 1999 Peter Kelly, CEO, LTV Steel  
Fall 1998 John McCoy, CEO, BancOne (Chase)  
Spring 1998 A. Malachi Mixon III, CEO, Invacare  
Fall 1997 Alan Rosskamm, CEO, Fabri-Centers of America
(Joann Fabrics)
Spring 1997 Michael Feuer, CEO, Office Max  
Fall 1996 William F. Patient, CEO, The Geon Company  
Spring 1996 M. Thomas Moore, CEO, Cleveland-Cliffs, Inc. (Cliffs)  
Fall 1995 Dr. Lester E. Coleman, CEO, Lubrizol
Spring 1995 George A. Schaefer, Fifth Third
Fall 1994 Thomas C. Sullivan, RPM, Inc.  
Spring 1994 William E. Butler, Eaton Corporation  
Fall 1993 Joseph T. Gorman, TRW, Inc.  
Spring 1993 Joseph M. Clapp, Roadway Services, Inc. (YRC)  
Fall 1992 Joseph H. Lemieux, Owens-Illinois, Inc.  
Spring 1992 Robert W. Mahoney, Diebold, Inc.  
Fall 1991 Robert W. Gillespie, Society Corporation
(Key Bank)
Spring 1991 Paul G. Schloemer, Parker-Hannifin
Fall 1990 William Madar, Nordson Corporation  
Spring 1990 Adolph Posnick, Ferro Corporation  
Fall 1989 Martin Walker, M.A. Hanna Company  
Spring 1989 Edward Brandon, National City Corporation  
Fall 1988 Charles Exley, NCR Corporation  
Spring 1988 Darryl Allen, Trinova Corporation  
Fall 1987 Stanley Gault, Rubbermaid, Inc.  
Spring 1986 John Cunin, Bearings, Inc.  
Fall 1987 Jack Breen, Sherwin-Williams, Inc.  
Fall 1986 Raymond D. Meyo, Telxon, Inc. (Motorola)  
Fall 1985 James Reid, Standard Products, Inc.