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Boler College of Business Core Curriculum

Business Analysis using Microsoft Excel—BI 100

Applied Calculus—MT 130

Accounting Principles—AC 201-202

Principles of Economics—EC 201-202

Business Analytics and Statistics—EC 210

Business Communications—EN 251

Data-Driven Decision Making—BI 200

Human Resource Management—MHR 352

Supply Chain and Operations Management—SCM 301

Business Finance—FN 312

Marketing Principles—MK 301

The legal environment/business law requirement differs by major. MHR 461 or MHR 463

Strategic Management or capstone class in Economics: MHR 499 is required for all students seeking the B.S.B.A. Economics majors seeking the B.S.E. take EC 499A and EC 499B

Completion of the Boler Professional Development Program:

BPD 100: Your Professional Development Journey (first year)

  • An introduction to online branding, professional etiquette and resume and Linkedin construction in the first year of college.

BPD 200: Networking and an Introduction to Interviewing (fall sophomore year)

  • Learning the tools and skills essential for professional success; improving skills with communication etiquette, networking and engaging in professional services.

BPD 300: Advanced Interview Sills, Experience and Getting Hired (fall junior year)

  • Continue to put professional skills into practice; build upon professional experience; engage in etiquette coaching and practice; continue to build professional networks and develop a career success strategy to bridge from junior to senior year.

BPD 401: The Professional World (fall senior year)

  • Taken fall senior year. Revisit cover letters and resumes; learn the components of a job offer and the basics of negotiation; effective strategies for the senior job search in absence of a job offer.

BPD 402: Living Inspired (spring senior year)

  • Networking and Linkedin after college; key advice for transitioning from college student to professional, particularly the first 90 days.

BPD 490: Professional Experience: Internship

  • An internship allows a student to engage in a meaningful professional experience related to their field of study. A minimum of 135 hours in a managed environment, in an office or location where the the student directly reports to a supervisor, and is able to learn about business via interaction and delegated responsibility is required. Prior to starting work, the student should seek pre-approval from the instruction. Other restrictions apply.