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Marketers create value that transforms the lives of consumers they serve. Marketers do this by working collaboratively with consumers to determine products with the right price through the most effective channel.

Marketing has evolved to emphasize engaging customers through the use of digital marketing tools. Leveraging sciences such as information retrieval and data analytics, marketers can move more quickly from analysis to strategy and help organizations to translate customer knowledge into strategic value for new products, social action, and innovation.

What you will do

The landscape of marketing careers continues to adapt. While some of the traditional positions such as brand management, public relations, and personal selling are popular in the field, new marketing jobs such as digital marketing, marketing analytics, and content management have experienced rapid growth.

Imagine taking on one these responsibilities:

  • Digital Advertiser for a startup enterprise where you advertise your products on websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc., and track the sales to determine the best promotion strategy.
  • Content Manager for a manufacturer such as Coca Cola where you design, create, and manage posts, pictures, and videos across all social media platforms, and engage with consumers regularly.
  • Marketing Analyst for an entertainment company such as Netflix where you team with data and other specialists to archive and mine years of stored digital content, looking for cyclical trends in viewing habits and changing tastes and sensibilities.
  • Innovation Specialist for a toy manufacturer such as Little Tykes where you will work with a diverse team of people to create meaningful value in customers lives.
  • Customer Relationship Manager for a retailer like Amazon or Target where you would track purchasing data and customer satisfaction both online and in store, and work to streamline every customer-store interaction.
What you will learn

As a Boler marketing major, you will benefit from the core knowledge, ethical grounding and advanced business and strategic skills needed to put the Jesuit tradition of being ”men and women for and with others” into action.

The liberal arts emphasis on broad knowledge, (science, philosophy, mathematics, history) coupled with critical thinking, and strong written and oral communication skills, will set you on the right path toward fulfilling your own personal calling, your career vocation. By mastering these skills, you will:

  • Grasp the changing economic, political, legal, ethical, and cultural contexts in which marketing strategies and solutions emerge
  • Approach marketing challenges strategically and ethically first, then implement tactically
  • Develop organized solutions, collaborative procedures, and rational communication tactics to bring your ideas to life
  • Learn to distinguish between the trivial and trendy, and promote change of lasting value

As you move through your business and marketing core and elective courses, you will develop:

  • Skills to communicate data-driven, strategic insights and recommendations to senior leadership
  • Skills necessary to identify and ethically solve problems in marketing
  • An ability to navigate the complexities of marketing problems in the dynamic market environments of for-profit and non-profit organizations locally and globally
  • An ability to apply data-driven decisions to address marketing problems and develop effective marketing strategies to sustain an organization
  • Command of the primary marketing content areas, including the marketing environment, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and socially responsible marketing

Job Outlook

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, especially one paired with strong data analytics and digital marketing courses, provides in-demand skills that will enable you to pursue a wide range of employment opportunities across many industries. Whether you choose to work in an in-house marketing department or opt to find a position on the agency side, the job outlook is strong. The more comfortable you are working with data, the stronger the demand and higher the starting salaries.

Recent Job Placements

Marketing Program Requirements

65 credit hours as described below.

Business Core: 41 credit hours, including MHR 461.  A complete listing of the Business Core can be found under the Graduation Requirements for the Boler College.

Major Courses: 24 total credit hours of major courses, including:

  • MK 302 Applied Consumer Insights
  • MK 309 Customer Engagement Strategies and Tactics
  • MK 402 Market Analysis
  • MK 495 Strategic Value Co-Creation

And four courses chosen from the following:

  • SCM 328 Supply Chain Logistics
  • SCM 330 Problems in Supply Chain Management
  • MK 361 Multinational Marketing
  • MK 362 Microenterprise Development in an Impoverished Country
  • MK 370 Visual Communication in Digital Marketing
  • MK 381 Digital Marketing Analytics
  • MK 382 Advanced Data-Driven Decision-Making in Marketing
  • MK 405 Seminar in Marketing
  • MK 410 Seminar in Marketing
  • MK 481 Digital Marketing Competition
  • MK 482 Marketing Research
  • MK 498 Independent Study

MK 402 and MK 495 are to be taken in the senior year

Professional Experience: A relevant professional work or volunteer experience is required prior to graduation. This requirement must be satisfied by completing BPR 490 Professional Experience: Internship

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Industry Statistics

15.5% share of U.S. fashion goods sold online
$129,870 2016 average median salary for marketing managers
39% of companies surveyed hired digital marketing specialists in 2015


We encourage every Boler student to earn Bloomberg Certification. By completing the (free) self-paced Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) e-learning course, you gain a credential that tells employers you have a firm grasp of the gold standard financial markets data platform.

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