The IBLC major prepares students for challenges confronting organizations in international settings. The IBLC major is focused on problem solving in an international context. Through a combination of demanding courses and international and domestic experiential activities, this major attracts students seeking to develop the ability to lead and to serve in the global business environment.

Today’s business world environment is inherently global. The typical twenty-first century corporation’s operations — even its domestic operations — are deeply affected by overseas economic factors. The same is true for governmental or non-profit organizations, whose interests today often involve activities in other nations. International Business is the specialization that prepares managers, whether they are self-employed or working for small, mid-sized or large corporations, to meet the challenges of doing business at home and abroad.

Why study International Business at Boler?

If you choose to major in International Business with Language and Culture (IBLC), you will graduate with invaluable experience. Our program allows you to participate in real-world, course-level activities with international businesses and organizations.

What does the IBLC major look like?

IBLC majors must take foreign language courses beyond the 201 level in order be introduced to the basic vocabulary of business and are encouraged to take courses that focus on some aspect of the culture of the country associated with that language. In these classes you’ll cover contemporary political, social, and/or economic factors through a historical and/or cultural perspective, allowing you to see how the country became what it is today.

The business core courses will assure that you have a broad and solid understanding of all the business functions. The required international business courses will assure that you have all the technical knowledge required in international business contexts. The international business electives give you the opportunity to specialize your knowledge in marketing, finance, economics or supply chain management. In addition, there are two practical requirements to the major: a semester abroad and an international or domestic internship.

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Study Abroad

You will spend a semester studying at a university in the country of your choosing. This would typically occur in the spring semester of your junior year, although there is enough flexibility in the program that you could, depending on your course sequencing, take the study abroad semester during another semester


IBLC majors must complete an international or domestic internship. You are encouraged to pursue the international internship because it will greatly enhance your marketability. The international internship could be completed during your semester abroad or during the summer following the semester abroad. You can complete a domestic internship with a U.S.-based organization. The internship must have an international component or international linkage. You will work with the director of the IBLC major and the office of the BSOB Internship and Employer Relations Coordinator to connect with internship opportunities.

Career Prospects

Graduates from this major pursue their passion through careers in marketing, market development, market research, financial analysis, operations management, logistics and supply chain management. They work in large and small organizations, in international and domestic activities, and in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

All the key elements of success in business at home apply to business abroad: strong leadership skills, implementation of ethical behavior, expertise in your industry and adaptability to evolving technologies. Demand is growing for international business majors to work on a contract basis with individuals and companies that are expanding their international markets and need international experts with language skills, cultural knowledge and strong business skills.

International business majors pursue careers such as, global risk management consultant, international financial analyst, international marketing specialist, global supply chain manager, trade specialist, foreign diplomat, foreign currency investment advisor, international sales representative, and global business information experts.

Typical employers include banks, import/export corporations, multinational manufacturers, consulting firms, international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), electronics and technology companies, governments/international trade associations, and transportation industries like shipping and airlines and a host of multinational companies.

John Carroll is dedicated to developing socially responsible leaders. With a foundation in Jesuit Catholic teaching, our faculty focuses on providing students with the tools needed to make ethical decisions in business and in the larger community. We believe in educating the whole person: mind, body, and spirit, and ensuring that all aspects of education help students to become well-rounded, well-educated persons.


  • Three courses (9 credits) in language beyond the 201 level

Four required IB courses

  • IB 301 Culture and Change
  • MK 361 International Marketing
  • FN 439 International Finance or EC 342 International Economics
  • IB 495 Capstone Course

Three electives to be taken here or abroad:

If at JCU:

  • EC 342 International Economics
  • EC 352 Comparative Economics
  • SCM 361 Global Supply Chain
  • MHR 361 International Management
  • EC 343 Economic Development
  • FN 439 International Finance
  • Other international classes from the College of Arts and Sciences as approved by the director

If abroad:

  • transferred back as:
  • IB 304-309; IB 404-409
  • Semester abroad in country of student’s choosing — must be a country for which English is not the national language
  • An internship either while abroad or in U.S. (domestic internship must have an international component or international linkage). BPD 490 (0 credit)

It is the responsibility of the student to know both Universitywide graduation requirements and those of the major field of study and to meet all requirements satisfactorily for graduation.

The Boler College of Business is fully accredited by AACSB International, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

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