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Undergraduate Forms and Petitions

Need approval for a class to count for a specific requirement?

Need permission to repeat a course?  

Want to take a summer course closer to home?  

The petition request form is located on BannerWeb under Registration and Academic Services.  

In the event that a student requests a substitution of courses, permission to repeat a course, a special request of the Core Committee, an extension of time to complete coursework, or to request a major course substitution, permission can be sought here. 

HOWEVER.  If you want to take a course elsewhere, you will need a course description from the school where you wish to take the course in order to receive permission.  This course information allows for the JCU equivalency to be determined.  Upon completion of the course, you must have the transcript sent to the Registrar at John Carroll University.  

Course Overload? This form may also be used to request an overload of credits hours above the standard 18 credit hours.

Declare or Remove a Business, Economics or Leadership Development Minor
Adding a minor to your academic profile enhances the educational experience. Once the form is complete, your Banner record will be updated within 3 business days.

Change of Major
Have you already declared a major and decided to pursue a different major in the business school? If you are already admitted to the Business College this form is to be completed and returned to your current advisor. Your advisor will then bring it to the Boler College Dean’s Office with your student file. If you are joining us from the school of Arts and Sciences you must first apply to the Boler College of Business. Please consult with your current advisor in order to apply.

Pre-Major Update Form
Considering another major and you have less than 45 credit hours? At JCU, students cannot declare a major until they reach 45 credit hours. However, that does not mean you should not be thinking about which major you would like to pursue. This form is for students who have not yet declared a major, but already have the major in mind they would like to pursue. Filling out this form will ensure JCU understands your most current academic interests and allows us to ensure you have an advisor in the correct discipline.

Student Academic for Pass/Fail Option Form
Want to register for a pass/fail course this semester? You may not register for more than one pass/fail course per semester and may not use the pass/fail option for any course counted toward the university core requirements or in a major sequence, optional minor, or concentration. Business majors may not use the pass/fail option for any Business core courses. The course that you select for pass/fail will be applied only toward general electives.