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Full-Time MBA

Full-Time MBA

Today more than ever, the value of an additional year of education has become limitless. The MBA degree itself has always been the cornerstone for advancing careers in business.

Now the benefits of an MBA can be combined with the areas of arts, sciences, and humanities and can be completed in a 5th year of study.

Recognizing the drive students have to take their education to the next level, and seeing the advantage an MBA provides students, we have designed a program that allows any student to obtain an MBA in just one year. To make this possible, the program is only available to students beginning the program directly following a typical four-year undergraduate degree. In order to complete the program in one year, students must also complete, with a grade of B or better, a set of prerequisite business courses during the undergraduate years.

Exceptional high school students may be eligible for dual admission to John Carroll University’s undergraduate and Full-Time (5th Year) Master of Business Administration programs. Learn More »

Boler Full-Time MBA At A Glance

DELIVERY: Evenings (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur courses)

CREDITS: 30-credit hour program (48 if all business foundation courses required)

TIME FRAME: May be completed in one year (summer included)

TESTING: GMAT or GRE are not required for admissions; required for certain assistantship and scholarship consideration

Fall: August 1
Spring: December  1
Assistantship: February 15
Summer: April 1

TUITION (RESIDENT AND NON-RESIDENT): $27,900 (base, subject to change)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Graduate Boler Dean's, Magis, Presidential, and Ignatian Scholarships

ASSISTANTSHIPS: Limited number (tuition waiver and stipend) February 15 Application Deadline


DEGREE CONFERRED: Master of Business Administration

ACCREDITATION: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Boler College of Business holds dual AACSB accreditation (school and accounting program), placing it among only 4 percent of business schools worldwide.

Boler Full-Time MBA Curriculum

Our 30 credit hour program  (48 if all Business Foundation Courses are required) is designed to be completed in one year. The course schedule for the Full-time MBA program  (excluding the Business Foundation  Courses) is as follows:

Year Semester Course Name Credits
First Fall Managerial Accounting 3
  Fall Managerial Economics 3
  Fall Marketing Management 3
  Fall Leadership Lab and Management Skills 3
  Spring Analytics-Driven Business Insights 3
  Spring Financial Management 3
  Spring Elective 3
  Summer Elective 3
  Summer Ethics and Business Social Responsibility 3
  Summer Corporate Strategic Management 3

Students must complete at least one Global Elective course.

To view the Full-Time MBA Curriculum by semester please click here.

To view the Business Foundation Courses Pathway for MBA students please click here.

A list of the Full-Time MBA Course Descriptions can be found here.

Boler Full-Time MBA Admissions

Information about admissions into the Boler Full-Time MBA program may be found on the Boler website Full-Time MBA Admissions.

Student Giving Presentation

Program Learning Goals

The Full-Time MBA program is designed to develop in students the skill sets necessary to be successful in a variety of management situations. Specifically, the program is designed so that graduates of our program will have:

1. Comprehensive knowledge of the functional areas of business.

  • Objective: Our students will have comprehensive knowledge of the functional areas of the business disciplines.

2. Problem solving skills.

  • Objective: Our students will be able to identify, analyze, and solve business problems using appropriate techniques.

3. Communication skills.

  • Objective: Our students will communicate quantitative and qualitative information (ideas and plans) orally for a variety of audiences and objectives.

4. Organizational and leadership skills.

  • Objective: Our students will have knowledge of how organizational behaviors, including leadership factors, influence business contexts.

5. Ethical problem solving skills.

  • Objective: Our students will identify and apply an ethical framework to the analysis of business issues/problems, including those related to social responsibility, in order to develop solutions that reflect aspects of the Catholic/Jesuit mission of character, leadership, intellect, and service.

Admissions Concierge

We would like to speak with you directly about your interest in the Boler Full-Time MBA. Kristopher Tibbs (MBA) Assistant Dean for Graduate Business Programs is available to discuss the program and whether it’s a right fit for your goals and current career/life situation.

P: 216.397.1970
F: 216.397.1833