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M.S. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

M.S. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The future vibrancy and might of Ohio’s communities and economy relies on a new breed of entrepreneurial minds — early and mid-career professionals determined to launch start-ups, lead corporate change, and solve larger societal issues using novel and hybrid business structures.

The Boler College of Business and its pioneering Donnelly School of Leadership and Social Innovation meet that need with a new Master of Science Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, an immersive and project-based professional degree program serving a wide range of aspiring — business and social — entrepreneurs and innovators.

Real Skills for Success

Whether bringing a new product to market, delivering process change in mature and structured corporations, or disrupting an entire business ecosystem, you will need far more than persistence to overcome the world’s most pressing challenges. Your tool kit for driving innovation within established or startup organizations will include learning to:

  • Expand your overall entrepreneurial acumen.
  • Sharpen your critical eye for recognizing viable ideas and approaches.
  • Communicate new venture concepts to investors.
  • Apply novel business models to address unmet and underserved market needs.
  • Reimagine internal processes to unleash smarter solutions.
  • Manage the financial side of the innovation equation.
  • See change through an ethical and social responsibility perspective.

Program Highlights

The project focus of Boler’s MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship begins on day one, with a Boot Camp. Students, with the help of faculty and entrepreneurs-in-residence, use the two-day Boot Camp to identify and begin working on an entrepreneurial/innovative project. Projects may include a startup idea, an entrepreneurial project within an organization or desired industry, or a social innovation. Students will continue to work on this project through the rest of the one-year curriculum.

Program Resources

John Carroll University's entrepreneurship program resources include The Edward M. Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship and all of its vital community assets, such as the Entrepreneurship Association and the Burton D. Morgan Foundation LaunchNET program. The program also offers an undergraduate entrepreneurship minor. Complimentary Centers of Excellence include the Center for Leadership Skills Development, and the Ginn Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Jesuit Difference

Backed by a 500-year-old Jesuit tradition, the Boler College of Business looks to inspire students to go beyond mastering critical tools of innovation. We ask every student, regardless of faith, to gain a 360-degree view of people, markets, resources; embrace a lifelong, “eyes wide open” encounter with the world and connect business to human needs, opportunities, risks and injustices. As business forms change to match a heightened sense of purpose behind profits, the Jesuit call remains unchanged: be accountable; drive meaningful innovation; imagine a world for everyone and advocate and do the right thing.

Right for You?

The Boler MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship attracts recent graduates looking to fortify their undergraduate credentials as well as early-to-mid career working professionals seeking greater responsibility and a leadership role.

Demand for professionals with a high innovation IQ continues to grow as businesses and other organizations embrace disruption (new products, new value, new partnerships). The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship can accelerate:

  • Early career business professionals working in sales, marketing or brand management who want to gain strategic and quantitative horsepower along with broader innovation perspectives.
  • Product managers looking to improve their organization’s idea generation, speed to prototype and market penetration.
  • Executive directors and other non-profit leaders looking to solidify their social impact organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to create high-growth, category changing, technology-focused companies.
  • Recent graduates from STEM and liberal arts related backgrounds who want to complement their domain knowledge with core creative problem-solving fundamentals.


We would like to speak with you directly about your interest in the Boler MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. We are available to discuss the program and whether it’s a right fit for your goals and current career/life situation.

Telephone: (216) 397-1970



Boler MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship At A Glance

DELIVERY: Evenings (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur courses)

CREDITS: 30-credit hour program (39 if all foundation courses required)

TIME FRAME: May be completed in one year (summer included)

TESTING: GMAT or GRE are not required for admissions; required for certain assistantship and scholarship consideration

Fall: August 1
Spring: December  1
Assistantships: February 15
Summer: April 1

TUITION (RESIDENT AND NON-RESIDENT): $28,500 (base, subject to change)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Graduate Boler Dean's, Magis, Presidential, and Ignatian Scholarships

ASSISTANTSHIPS: Limited number (tuition waiver up to 15 credit hours per year and stipend) - February 15 Application Deadline 


DEGREE CONFERRED: Master of Science

ACCREDITATION: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

Boler College of Business holds dual AACSB accreditation (school and accounting program), placing it among only 4 percent of business schools worldwide.

Boler MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Our 30 credit hour program (39 if all Foundation Courses are required) is designed to be completed in one year, however it may be completed in two to three years. The course schedule for the MSIE program (excluding the Foundation Courses) is as follows:

Year Semester Course Name Credits
First Fall Inspired Business Forum 0
  Fall 3-Day Intensive Bootcamp 1
  Fall Creativity & Design Thinking 2
  Fall Failure As A Learning Tool 2
  Fall Innovative Thinking 2
  Fall Global Social Entrepreneurship 3
  Fall Case Study I 1
  Spring Business Ethics & Social Responsibility  3
  Spring Innovation, Planning, & Forecasting 3
  Spring Innovative Business Models 3
  Spring Elective Course 1 3
  Summer Leadership & Managerial Skills 3
  Summer Case Study II 1
  Summer Startup Experience 0
  Summer Elective Course 2 3

Students must complete two elective courses.

To view the MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum by semester please click here

Boler MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Admissions

Information about admissions into the MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program may be found on the Boler website MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Admissions.

Graduate Brochure

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