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Live Inspired.

Live inspired

At the Boler College of Business, we come together as classmates, friends, teachers and mentors to awaken an important question: What am I doing with my life?

The call to live inspired —Magis (The Greater Good) the Jesuits would say — takes on a central and defining role here. You will encounter it in a variety of ways:

  • meeting friends on day one of orientation

  • wrestling with ideas in your freshman writing seminar

  • discussing leadership with regional business and non-profit executives

  • setting goals in your senior marketing capstone

  • acknowledging advisors and mentors as you climb the graduation stage

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Business as a Career

Make no mistake, you will graduate from Boler with the best possible education and training, prepared to step into vital internships early in your education and a meaningful first job after graduation. Witness Boler's pass rates for the CPA exam — Ohio's best — or our Number 1 Bloomberg employer ranking.

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... and a Calling.

But professional milestones — however plenty or notable — will never fully satisfy or define you. Talk to a Boler graduate five, seven, or 10 years into their career — as an accountant, financial analyst, operations researcher or brand manager — and they will describe, in detail, the difference between simply pursuing a career and crafting a well-lived life.