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Our Jesuit Difference

Our Jesuit Difference

Welcome to the Jesuit Difference

Backed by a 500-year-old Jesuit tradition, the Boler College of Business wants you to go beyond mastering the latest knowledge and most critical tools of business.

We ask every student, regardless of faith, to:

  • gain a 360-degree view of people, markets, resources
  • embrace a lifelong, “eyes wide open” encounter with the world
  • connect business to human needs, opportunities, risks and injustices

A Lifetime of Rewards

Our aim goes beyond preparing you for a rewarding career. We want every Boler graduate to step into their lives ready to:

  • be accountable
  • advocate and do the right thing
  • drive meaningful innovation
  • imagine a world for everyone

Find Your Purpose

Only by seeing the world more fully and clearly can you decide where your effort, talents and passion belong. Being present to your own life and experience, you will slowly gather scattered bits of yourself (focus, curiosity, desire) and construct a durable sense of self and purpose.

Pay it Forward

Long after you graduate, you will continue to:

  • draw from Jesuit academic rigor
  • make a habit of turning  “contemplation into action”
  • launch, grow and lead future-minded companies
  • create just and sustainable value

why Jesuit matters

More than 80% of college graduates will face an ethical dilemma during their first year in a job.

Source: Beta Gamma Sigma

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