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Second Annual Inspired Business Forum Hosts Nearly 100 in Virtual Attendance

The Boler College of Business at John Carroll University led entering business graduate students as well as faculty, staff, and alumni through an enlightening program designed to set the stage for exploration into the notion of inspired business.

The Forum is the brainchild of Dr. Walter Simmons, Associate Dean for Graduate and International Programs, and the Boler faculty. The inaugural live event was a resounding success in 2019, and no one wanted to forgo the experience for this year’s incoming class.

“It’s critical that students understand the expectations of the program as well as the unique brand and quality of graduate business education that we offer at Boler,” said Dr. Alan Miciak, John M. Boler Dean.

“Due to the current state of affairs with COVID-19, we decided to move forward and present The Forum as a virtual event. With the help of Dr. Mariah Webinger, Associate Professor of Accountancy, as well as many faculty and staff, we were still able to kick off the year by providing students an opportunity to hear exciting speakers and to discuss concepts of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) as well as leadership for the triple bottom line (TBL).”

Keynote speakers included Dr. Miciak; Brandon Chrostowski, CEO and Founder of Edwins; Barb Brown, Co-Founder of BrownFlynn; and Boler’s own Bob Stein, Managing Director, Boler College Responsible Leadership Initiative.

Boler faculty members delved into the four mindsets of inspired leaders during breakout virtual discussion groups that helped orient students to the challenges of responsible executive leadership.

“The quality of the presentations and engagement on the part of the students was excellent,” said Dr. Miciak. “I sincerely appreciated everyone’s participation and I look forward to an exciting and inspired year.”

For more information on Boler Graduate Business Programs, contact Tracy Patterson, or 216-397-1970.