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Core Learning

Core Learning

Why Core Learning?

Before you excel as a public accountant, a human resource manager for a major retailer, a financial analyst charting the biotech industry or a marketing lead for a fast-moving entertainment start-up, you will need to flex and build your mental muscle, starting with the essential powers of critical and analytical thinking.

Boler Integrated Core Curriculum builds upon a solid foundation of core learning — broad exposure to ideas, conflict, dilemmas and the unfolding human drama. Why study history, literature, philosophy, music, or art? Because your entire life — and every business you touch — will be served by a few key thinking habits:

  • Making sense of unfamiliar by means of the familiar
  • Grasping the underlying grammar (organized solutions, hierarchical procedures, rational sequences) of problem solving
  • Holding to your independent thinking, in the face of pressures, distortions, and overemphasized truths
  • Drawing fresh ideas from a storehouse of seemingly random material

Why Do the Right Thing?

Boler knows that business is not a morally neutral endeavor. Someday, you will work alongside millions of global professionals at the intersection of competing interests. At some point, your strength of character and sense of purpose will mean the difference between:

  • Doing what’s legal vs. doing what’s right
  • Chasing short-term profit vs. thinking through the long-term implications of business decisions
  • Claiming leadership as a tool of influence vs. living leadership as a calling

Why Build a Stronger Mind?

Business is a very complex undertaking where decisions (risk, scarce resources, human motivation, and financial investment) are made amidst the winds of constant political and social change. Such a world could intimidate or confuse you without some essential coping skills:

  • Strong habits of attention and concentration
  • An ability to construct and follow sound arguments
  • A capacity to distinguish the important from the trivial
  • An aptitude for formulating and grasping new concepts

Why Reach Higher?

Regardless of faith background, you will find yourself enriched by a Jesuit tradition that asks each of us to be women and men in service to others. We see to a horizon beyond your landing a great first job where you live a full and inspired life. Our goals include:

  • Inspiring you to become far more than a passive recipient of knowledge
  • Helping you to advance your career without losing your grounding or hope
  • Supporting your potential to grow into a fully-reflective professional, innovator and leader