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Earn CBE (Certified Business Economist) Certification

JCU Students Can Now Earn CBE (Certified Business Economist) Certification In Conjunction With A Finance or Economics Degree

John Carroll University is now a partner with The National Association for Business Economics (NABE), offering students the ability to earn their undergraduate degree and CBE certification in applied economics and data analytics simultaneously.

Students who earn their CBE certification alongside their economics/business degree will enter the job market with a distinct advantage, having mastered a body of applied economics and financial knowledge sought after by employers and essential for a successful career in the fields
of economics, finance and data analytics.

NABE CBE - October 23, 2018 meeting

CBE Video

WHAT is the CBE? 
Launched in 2015, the CBE is a comprehensive professional certification program of study and examination covering core topics in applied economics and data analytics. The program was designed by chief economists and industry leaders to distinguish individuals who are well trained, proficient in core competencies and ready to add value to top employers.

 What are the core competencies?
The CBE program at John Carroll prepares students in the CBE core competencies (below) while studying for their degrees and to sit for the CBE Exam which will be offered on campus each year. 

  • Applied Econometrics
  • Economic Measurement
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Strategy and Managerial Decision Making 
  • Writing Skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills

The recommended curriculum at JCU can be found here: EC Major/CBE Block Schedule

What Does An Economist Do?  What Is A Certified Business Economist?  
Listen to professional economists discuss at a recent panel held at JCU

Several content areas may be taken on a self-study basis or through courses offered by NABE. The NABE website has a schedule of dates for courses.

What is required to become a Certified Business Economist (CBE)?

  1. Passing the CBE Exam
  2. Completing a Writing Skills for Business Economists class (EN 251 and BPD)
  3. Completing a Communication and Presentation Skills class (EN 251 and BPD)
  4. Having attained a four-year degree
  5. Completing two years of work experience as an economist or in a related field (internships while at JCU may qualify)
  6. Membership with NABE (satisfied by joining the Boler Economic Society at JCU)

Who should I contact?
The best person to contact Dr. Jack Kleinhenz, Executive in Residence for the Department of Economics and Finance:

Dr. Jack Kleinhenz, Ph.D., CBE
Executive in Residence

Department of Economics and Finance
Boler College of Business