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Why Boler

Why Boler

In a global marketplace, choices exist at every level of business, government and society that can either produce innovation and value or threaten our well-being and stifle progress.

At the Boler College of Business, we approach business from the perspective of a nearly 500-year-old Jesuit tradition; championing a set of principles regarding how to sustain good relationship to others and how to steward Earth’s resources.

We cultivate the critical thinking, technical skills and resourcefulness that inspire our graduates to become responsible leaders.

  • Inspired Business

    How do Jesuit teaching, responsible leadership and foundational liberal arts knowledge come together at the Boler College of Business and become a catalytic force for change?

  • New Schools

    Learn why two schools within the Boler College of Business — the Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences; and the Donnelly School of Leadership and Social Innovation — prepare students for the future of work across all business forms and types.

  • Centers of Excellence

    Discover how Boler College students learn to translate classroom knowledge to judgment, and right action thanks to the experiential opportunities found within our centers of excellence in entrepreneurship, leadership, service and social action, and corporate sustainability.

  • Cleveland/Northeast Ohio

    Read about the history and current roles that the Boler College of Business plays in the region’s economy, and how business pays it forward by supporting professional development, internships, executive-in-residence programs and careers.

  • Global Engagement

    See how the new Global Business Culture and Entrepreneurship Center is opening new possibilities for exchange of students, ideas and investment.

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