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One college, multiple schools — where inspired business meets brilliant new combinations of study. The Boler College recognizes that as business challenges become more complex, our response must keep pace — and our commitment to educate and cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders must deepen.

At the Boler College, we build upon the foundation of 500-year-old Jesuit principles that teach us how to live in good relationship to others and with the natural environment. We cultivate the critical thinking, technical skills and resourcefulness (tangible and intangible) that inspire our graduate to lead, not simply follow.

Our approach is affirmed by workplace studies that show how next generation leaders share several key qualities:

  • experience across multiple functional areas
  • aptitude with data and technology
  • high social and emotional intelligence
  • a 360-degree understanding of the environmental, societal, ethical context

The Boler College builds this capacity through our schools, professional development, centers of excellence, internships and executive-in-residence programs.

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Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences

Accountancy faces new technologies, new regulations and the forces of globalization and a changing planet that create complex, real-world practice challenges.

The Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences is meeting those challenges head on, working with its business partners, faculty and students to strengthen John Carroll’s reputation as a leader and innovator in accounting education.

With an expanded emphasis on information science and data analytics, Kramer School Accountancy and Information Sciences graduates will remain highly competitive in a fast changing and dynamic profession.

Note: A 2019 gift from Christine M. and Richard J. Kramer (1986 Accountancy graduates of John Carroll) established the Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences.

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Donnelly School of Leadership and Social Innovation

Traditional boundaries between for-profit and non-profit entities and efforts increasingly give way to new business forms and greater creativity.

The Donnelly School for Leadership and Social Innovation is uniquely positioned to help good people create organizational, community and universal good. We draw upon Boler College centers of excellence and faculty expertise in responsible leadership, ethics, entrepreneurship and social innovation.

With an emphasis on entrepreneurial responses and neighborhood-level engagement and investment, Donnelly School for Leadership and Social Innovation graduates stand alongside our partner businesses and communities engage eager to shape the future.

Note: A 2019 gift from Sue and Bill Donnelly (1984 and 1983 Marketing and Accountancy graduates of John Carroll) established the Donnelly School of Leadership and Social Innovation.