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Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences

Data collection and analysis, and its impact on strategic business decisions, will change how future accountants work and how business measures success.

Future Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences graduates will have the technical skills and experience to draw deeper insights from data and will be deeply involved in the conversation of how the accountancy function can prioritize higher impact responsibilities.

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Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences

The Kramer School of Accountancy and Information Sciences positions Boler College, and its faculty and graduates to lead in these key areas:

  • Data & Sustainability

    Accountancy has always shaped business destinies. The rise of data analytics, automation, predictive analysis, more precise risk management tools, sustainability metrics and other changes ­— technological and societal — require accountants to play an even more pivotal role.

  • Business Relevance

    Accounting, like engineering, law and medicine, must coalesce research, education and professional development around relevant practice issues. Only then can we spur timely research and accelerate solutions to complex, real-world practice challenges.

  • Globalization

    As global business ties become more complex, Boler students and alumni will need a new kind of literacy — regulatory, technical and cultural — to reconcile different business practices, geographies and regulations.

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Boler School of Business holds Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as the independent accountancy accreditation, a distinction held by only five percent of business programs worldwide.