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Minor in Leadership Development

The Perfect Complement to Any Major

“We strive to develop each student as a whole person – mind, body, and soul. At the same time, we challenge them to make a difference in our world through leadership and service.”

– Robert L. Niehoff, S.J., President Emeritus of John Carroll University

The leadership development minor will expose students to leadership theory and practice, guide students in their leadership development and offer students opportunities to gain significant leadership experiences. The leadership minor is a representation of what it means to build leadership capacity in others. The leadership development minor helps our university live its mission of inspiring individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region and in the world.

Like leadership itself, the minor is interdisciplinary in nature; it has the flexibility to align with the needs and interests of individual students. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the JCU Leadership Development Minor, one that sets it apart from other schools, is that students have the opportunity to participate in a number of one-credit “learning labs” designed to reinforce leadership concepts and theories and to put what is being learned into action. These focus on topics such as personal attributes of leadership, creating a vision and matching brand, building a team, and making strategic decisions. Click here for a list of leadership development minor courses.

Questions about the Leadership Development minor? Contact the director Dr. Kyle O’Dell at